Facial Abuse Jesse Taylor


What’s 94 pounds, has a pretty pussy, the nicest tits you’ve seen in a while and a plump little apple ass? The answer… the dumb twat Jesse Taylor. Jesse weighs as much as one of Pauly’s legs… so we didn’t know how this was going to go down. Her being so tiny came with it’s problems… for instance, trying to fit Harker’s giant meat down her tiny throat proved to be difficult. Don’t stress, though… that mother fucker made it fit. He opened up her throat hole nice and good. How? Not sure… but he fucking did! Let me tell you this, this cunt has a body on her. Seeing her bounce on hard cock is a perv’s dream. Seriously… she’s put together. Sure, this one doesn’t have the sloppy mess I personally love, but watching an innocent first timer like this take this sort of punishment is boner raging! Enjoy!


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